How to do 100 push ups


Before that, 5 reasons why push ups are good for you.
  • increases arm strength
  • increases back and ab strength
  • stamina
  • feel good factor
  • toned ceps

100 push ups sounds tiring, hell, saying it makes me break out in sweat but with proper technique and training, it can be done. I'm not talking about wimpy 20 pushups in 5 sets or 10 pushups in 10 sets but hardcore ONE HUNDRED NON STOP arm pumping action. so how do you do it?

depending on how old you are, start off with only 10 or 15 pushups that you can do without knocking yourself out. then gradually increase day by day (no slacking off!). by the end of week 6, you should be able to perform 100 push ups because you have conditioned your muscles for 42 days!

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then if you're feeling adventurous, let's go for knuckle or hindu push ups. but thats another entry

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