beautiful demos

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Like it or not, Taekwondo is popular becos of great demo teams. True, it may not be realistic to go spin kicking on the street, but its popularity cannot be denied. And it is the amount of students brought in through demonstrations that lets this martial art survive.

Demonstrations have evolved from traditional martial art to modern displays accompanied by music and disco lights.

Enjoy !



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A study found that 6 second bursts with 9 seconds rest was an optimum ratio (1:1.5), with the added bonus that 6:9 burnt 3 times more fat than say 24:36. Although the work/rest ratio was the same, differences in myoglobin transportation makes shorter bursts more effective.

OK that's the boring bit out of the way. In practise smash the bag or pads in an explosive burst for six seconds then rest for nine. (Move around rather than stand still) and repeat for as long as you wish. (Best to stop before the quality and intensity fades - only do good ones!) I did 5 minutes today as a finisher and felt great. 20 six second intervals is 'only' 2 minutes of work, but remember: It's the right kind of work.

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footwork drills for coordination

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holiday tomorrow

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well it's not as if saturday is a working day, but at least i wont have to worry about classes in the morn and evening.
so the plan for tmr is:

8am : pushup, situp, squats
9am -12 : food shopping, book browsing
12noon : cook something nice. perhaps soup and some healthy egg and bacon thing
1pm: watch a movie
2pm: start on kyokushin2010.com. and fingerprint proposal
6pm: walk da dog and hv dinner
8pm: start on kyokushin2010.com. and fingerprint proposal

note; do some calligraphy on that fan i bought frm dai sho
make that docking station and organize all the cables and wire in the house


5 steps to fast weight loss

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1. have a hi protein, hi fibre breakfast
2. no carbonated drinks. if you must drink something sweet, drink tea!
3. walk everywhere you can! park further away from the entrance
4. food blog (log). take pics of your food. look back and go..oh my god, did i just eat that. put yourself on a guilt trip
5. go bento....(try this). seriously bento are carefully measured portions of food that look pretty so you'd chew more hence the full feeling.

don't think of food as a comfort. it is fuel for the body. nothing more, nothing less!



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sounds like something u put your paint on.. but its not...

parallettes are like mini gym equipment except you're closer to the ground so you won't hurt yourself when you let go.

some exercises with parallettes:


Stair climbing

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why fork out money for a stair master or even a gym membership when i have an 11 storey staircase at work? after lunch, i proudly log 176 ascending steps. raises the heartbeat, and i've noticed increase in stamina.

try it. the numbers are a good motivator. and when you're bored with 10 storeys of stairs, try running up them or taking double steps to increase the intensity.

however, be forewarned, stair case is a magnet for vice (people urinating, people kissing or making out) but that's malaysia for you

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