5 basic sandbag drills

You aren't a martial artist until you have conquered the bag and have the conditioned knuckles to show for it. sandbag should be included in every martial artist's training programme and it's not only for punching and kicking only. think creative!

Suitable for generic martial arts:
1. combination punch (what you follow through after the punch is important as it will determine the intensity of the next attack)

2.punch away like a drill non stop to build stamina. why?
Consider a typist who wishes to type more words per minute. To increase her typing speed, she types away at the keyboard. To type fast, one must type.
more here

3. heavy lifting. Take care not to strain your back

4. free style (shadow) - punch away and time the swing of the bag to coincide with your technique. for eg: when the bag is swinging toward you, do a back kick or front kick to push it away.

5. targeting - paste the sandbag with targets (use post its if you have to) and practice hitting/kicking the targets as fast as possible

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